And. Here. We. Go.

Failed blogger and journal-er, several times over.

A new space to remember. A place to write.

No rules. No goals. No agenda.

So here we go.

For my last book of 2015 I started reading a book that I bought shortly after Parker was born, The Happiness Project. I never finished reading it, but thought it would pair perfectly with the typical year-end reflections and goal setting.

Still working to complete it, but there are several ideas in the book that I have attempted to incorporate into my life from time to time, never actually landing on any consistent habit formation.

A big theme in the book about building happiness is being in the here and now, acknowledging the beauty to silence the complaints, and creating a happiness reserve for when the inevitable moments of unhappiness hit.

And I am hoping to hit on all of those pieces right here. Capture the little here and nows that so quickly pass and are hard to hold on to when your brain is foggy with to-do’s. Focus on the insane number of blessings, to better let go of petty annoyances. And build a book of beauty to look back at when happiness is challenged.


Ah, that felt good. I created my first blog back in 2009 to capture my weight-loss journey. The topic got boring and stale, but the act of blogging was greatly missed once I got pregnant with Wrigley and weight-loss was no longer relevant. And I created three more blogs after that, two on ‘what I am eating’…blah blah, and one with kiddo updates for the family. And it turns out none of those spaces served as proper writing outlets. Shocker.

Let us get on to it then.


Quiet Saturday night, with early bedtimes and early rises for Dan and I.

But the early household silence was interrupted when Mr. Parker was up by 5:30. Dan went and got him and left me in my own little world – my once a week quiet blissful glory, with a book in bed.

That is until my shadow could be kept away no longer, and came back to greet me – huge smile, loads of energy, shouting Mommy to remind me who I am (and how little he can control his volume).

Shortly after, with the start of cleaning up from Dan and Parker’s breakfast, whipping together my own eggs and coffee, Wrigley woke up and was greeted with one amazing reaction from Parker. I paused at the top of the stairs. Parker came over and ran in place screaming Gigey at him. And Dan joined in the ridiculous greeting that is so representative of our now.

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Blogger at Those Golden Days. Caffeinated, camera happy mama bear ☕️. Wanna be athlete. Healthy foodie, with a side of 🍩 for good measure.

4 thoughts on “And. Here. We. Go.

  1. Your writing is great. I really enjoy your style! Theres something very comforting about it. Keep going! I just started blogging too and finding your niche is part of the fun process i think 🙂


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