Belly at the Bar

From the first, through the second, and on to the third, I have always felt incredibly uncomfortable in my pregnant body.

Don’t get me wrong – I love feeling the baby, and seeing my belly grow. But everything else around that baby just gets kind of awkward.

Keeping my eating in the ‘will this make me feel good’ zone has certainly made a huge difference on how my body has changed in these past 24 weeks. I haven’t necessarily avoided any foods, but have certainly limited the items that don’t seem to bring any positivity to how I look or feel.

The eating piece has created a lot of good. And yet there are still many moments where I feel like Chris Farley singing ‘Fat Guy in a Little Coat’. Also known as, awkwardly big in pretty much every piece of clothing I own.

That is, except when I am at the gym, which is incredibly ironic.

TLIB, 1.5.16

When I am at the gym I am in body-fitting clothes. There is no hiding all that is happening with my expanding body. And yet I feel like an absolute powerhouse up on that platform, or at the weight bench, or on the treadmill, or row machine…seriously everywhere. I walk around that place like I own it!

Knowing that this is my last pregnancy provides great motivation to leave the gym with that confidence intact. To just be here, now, pregnant, and big, and love it.

Because after this, I will never again get to experience all the sentiments that come with that baby belly.

So here is to rubbing that belly in all its glory for the next 15.5 weeks, and to being that unstoppable strong woman both inside the gym and out.

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