Long Live the Jeggings

Despite being born in opposite seasons, Parker has been able to wear majority of Wrigley’s old clothes. That is, until recently when the legging options began to thin out of the pile.

Sorting through the abundance of baggy 2T jeans and track pants took me down memory lane.

Right, Wrigley was my green bean baby. He crushed the baggy pants look.

But Parker is a little closer in build to Dan and I. Well, he has a cloth diaper to blame, but nevertheless, Parker has bootie. Jeans look insanely uncomfortable on him.

And despite the absence of legging options in the 2T section for little boys, I didn’t give up! And I didn’t give in to the girl legging options either.

Enter jeggings. The world’s gift to those with curves.

I knew they existed for little boys. And I knew they wouldΒ be Parker’s jam sauce. I just had to find them.

Wrigley found our jegging hunt to be hilarious – the word had him in fits of laughter as we searched the kids’ clothing stores.

But Carter’s delivered. And holy buckets, this kid is going to be wearing these pants A LOT in the months ahead. He is just too dang cute in them.

And people said dressing boys would be boring. Poppycock.

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