The Bam Week

We started our week feeling all high and mighty, organized, and rested from a perfect Sunday … killing our pajamas-all-day game right away on Monday, hiding from subzero temperatures, just minding our business playing some games, and then BAM.


Scooby Doo legos and What’s In Ned’s Head interrupted. Enter unexpected crazy schedule take over!

The days just got nuts, and I found myself fighting sleep by 8:00 p.m. every night. So we literally did nothing this week but work, workout, and work on the daily essential house chores.

To end the week, we had family photos taken with one of Dan’s clients, and were officially spent by the end of the shoot.

Best way to shake off the week and greet the weekend with arms wide open?


Head to the Mall of America to spend that Twin Cities Grill gift card that has been burning a whole in your pocket.


Stop by the Lego store to assemble a new character or two.


And play a little ditty to make those weekend vibes feel official.


Don’t get me wrong, the week produced plenty of gems despite the time spent with the ol’ laptop.

>> Parker started saying ‘Mommyyyy are you’ in this amazing where are you voice, when he is looking for Dan, Wrigley or I.

>> When I got fancy for family photos Wrigley asked, “why are you dressed like that?” – apparently I wear gym attire a little too often. Wait, is that even possible?

>> After our prime rib dinners were brought to the table, a certain four year old announced he had an accident of the grossest kind. Turns out he thought it would make for a funny joke. Must educate to not joke when cuts of meat are served.

>> Parker talks about “Star Warsch” a lot these days, specifically screaming D2 and Bacca at me while I am driving.

So many other moments, must capture more next week! Now, on to hopefully stay awake past 9:00 p.m. tonight.

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