The Little Things

Poor Parker has had a rough go these last few days with a nasty bout of molar bullying, and then a burn to his fingers from the lightbulb in the fridge. Seriously. And seriously sad for Parker.

Wrigley has heard a lot of, “hold on a minute”, since Parker has been in need of extra attention as of late. But when the time has allowed for it, we have made it all about Dude W!

We have had loads of playing Star Wars, action figures, cars, legos – all the favorites. And while it has been for little chunks of time here and there, focusing all our energy on Wrigley during those windows has gone a long way to give him what he needs.

And this week, board games were added to our list of activities, which is a new thing for Wrigley to understand. Winning, losing, taking turns, counting, etc. I know that seems like a funny milestone to acknowledge, but this week him and I were able to sit down and actually play a game together for the first time. And we both loved it so much we just kept playing and playing until we had to stop for dinner duties.


Since Fridays are Dan’s off days (in addition to Sundays), we have had a lot of fun this afternoon playing games together – just the three of us!

Again, such a great way to devote our energy to Wrigley after a rough start to the day with Parker.

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