Take My Hand

When people ask how we are or what we have been up to these days, I never know how to respond. And often simply say, “we are just so in the thick of it right now”.

Our days are set by how the previous night went, and who did or did not wake up and how often. Potty breaks and diaper changes. Snacks and meal prep. Toy clean up. Baths. Books. The endless piles of laundry. Don’t hit. Don’t throw that. Very good, that is excellent helping….

And that “thick of it” has altered Dan and I in so many ways.

TLIB 1.27.16, 3
1 year wedding anniversary road trip, circa October 2009.

Parenthood has pushed our marriage aside, consumed it, enwrapped it, strengthened it, tested it, pushed it every which way, and then miraculously always brought it back to our center – us in our most basic way, doing the thing that always unites us in good times and in bad. And for us that thing is laughter.

Before we were dating, and were playing the “lets just be friends” card, Dan and I would have each other in stitches over the dumbest of things. Other people on our dorm floor looked at us like we were crazy; Dan’s roommate just shook his head in judgement. We were in our own little world, sharing the dumbest of jokes, unable to contain our ten-year-old laughter.

And still to this day we find ourselves in that little bubble, laughing over the dumbest things, at the most random of moments.


When days are heavy with the thick of it, there is a line from our wedding song that always rings in my ears.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too”

There is so much in that single line that resonates with me. Take my hand in this life – in the times where there is laughter, and in the times where there is none. Take my whole life too. All the highs, all the lows, and all the love that we will create along the way. Even while in the thick of it. Because it is just all a part of our journey.

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