From 2 to 1

For the most part, it feels like life with kids is fairly predictable. Thanks to their need for routine, the days are mapped around wake times, meals, and the bedtime routine.

So when you change something about that routine, everything about life feels kind of foreign during the transition. But more often than not, the change is an exciting sign of growth – a point where your kid is graduating from one stage in life, to the next.

By chance, I stumbled upon the realization that Parker’s restless nights were improved when he missed his morning nap. Taking away a nap for Wrigley only made his nights worse when he was a wee one, so it wasn’t an obvious variable to me. But after a few days with a one afternoon nap routine, and insanely improved nights, it became clear that it was time to move Parker forward.

It is strange to have Parker awake for the entire morning, but it also feels incredibly liberating to now be able to go and do things during that stretch of time, when we were previously house-bound.

However, on the flip side, it also means that I need to be better about time management.

I need to be diligent about early bedtimes and early wake times to crack out work and get organized for the day. I need to plan for time with the boys, even if it is simple activities around the house, so that we don’t fall into the TV-babysitter trap. And most importantly, I need to get in dedicated time with the boys before the newborn days arrive.

Hopefully I can plan for some cool outings between now and May!

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