27 Weeks

I completely forgot that the third trimester is basically a repeat of the first trimester, only you are bigger and there are baby toes dancing in your belly all the live long day…and sometimes night.

The phrase, “I feel so very very very pregnant right now”, has only been said a bajillion times in the last week. And I am only hungry 23.6 hours of the day. And IΒ am only making an ever-so-attractive yawn face from 2:00 p.m. on.

Ok, mostly (not really) kidding. I do feel really good, just a little on the larger side. And my energy seems to ebb and flow, but trying to make time for a nap, or two or three, a week I think would be a really good idea at this point. And oh my goodness, food ideas – I need food ideas.

Dan and I are testing a split method with our lifts, but this has taken our lifting days from two to four. However, we are doing two days of upper body and two days of lower body. The idea is to put less recovery demands on my body, which is working, but OH. SO. HUNGRY.

Otherwise all else is plugging along. This feels like the quickest pregnancy in the history of pregnancies.

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