Our Snow Day

Dan is up at 4:00 in the morning 5 to 6 days a week, and out the door by 4:30 for work. So you can probably guess how happy we all are to have him at home in the mornings on his days off.

But a surprise day off – we are all over the moon with excitement!

Tuesday afternoon, and throughout the evening, we had some heavy snowfall with winds that were creating drifts. And by this morning, as the snow was still falling and still blowing, everything outside was a mess. Dan opted to reschedule his clients to Friday, and to play it safe and stay at home while the Twin Cities cleaned up the roads.

There were still the daily responsibilities, work for me, and dentist appointments for the family. But we made good use of the fresh snow and Dan’s time at home!

2.3.16, Dan Shoveling

Parker was kind of annoyed by it all…I think because of his thumbless mittens, but Wrigley was in absolute heaven!

2.3.16, Wrigley

So Wrigley disappeared into the mess pretty quickly, while Dan and I tried to help Parker enjoy the powder.

2.3.16, Dan & Parker Sledding

2.3.16, Parker Outside

But the cold, especially the winds, got to the little guy pretty quickly.

2.3.16, Monica Snow Attire

And I was feeling pretty cold too from my lack of bump covering snow attire.

2.3.16, Dand & Monica

So Parker and I gave the boys our love and headed indoors.

2.3.16, Parker

We swiftly removed our snow gear, wrapped up in blankets, and enjoyed some Pirate Booty and Despicable Me 2.

I prefer the snuggly warmth anyway – good call P-money on the change in activities!

We needed a storm like this. It had been way too long since we got over a foot of snow, and it sure made for a beautiful mid-week treat!

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