New Shoe Saturday

I have been putting off Parker’s transition out of leather soft-sole shoes FOR-EVER. But the poor kid can’t walk outside this time of year in those things, and he has been long overdue for his first pair of big boy shoes.

And Wrigley was due for a new pair as well…like months ago.

Why do I put off such silly tasks that involve acknowledging that my children are getting bigger and older? An answer for another day.

I bamboozled my Dad into a Mall of America excursion, and new shoe Saturday became a thing.

Parker was quick and easy – got him fitted and styled in no time.

Wrigley on the other hand took a bit of persuading. Dan was hoping for the all black chucks for W. But once I put them on his feet, I became that Mom who was trying to hype up a color of my choosing. The all black just looked too grown up.

So we switched to the green. Much better!

Note Wrigley’s Shaggy-esque walk. Perhaps old school Scooby Doo cartoons are having too much influence on him.

Now that I see Parker in big boy shoes, I am kind of obsessed.

Nineteen monthers are real wild cards, but good gracious they are cute with all their “watch me act like a big kid” ways.

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