But for Real

When I created this space, my hope was to capture the awesome points in the day – the memory moments. Because, lets be real, sometimes it is really hard to look past the day’s little trials to see the good.

I wanted it to essentially be a new muscle I exercised – the gratitude muscle. Focusing on the good moments of the day, to cloud out and move on from the little annoyances.

But guess what, some days, weeks, that is really hard to do. Sometimes my eyes are just a little too bleary and I can’t really think straight, let alone acknowledge the great moments in the day.

Last week I was riding high. Sleep was on point. Gym time was at a high, and sugar cravings were low – i.e. making choices that make me feel good were no trouble at all!

But then Sunday night another molar took us down. And then again on Monday. And Tuesday. Visitors are in town so our schedule is out of loop. And there is just a lot of tired and cranky all around.

And the real challenge is that when I am tired, everything else just kinds of goes down hill. Health choices, exercise time, attitude, focus, etc. etc. etc.

Its a downer. And the third trimester has my resiliency towards lack of sleep at an all time low.

So there it is. Just the reals. I am tired. And the week is really off because of it.


The boys. Still as entertaining as always, even if they are torturing each other with paper towel roll arms and laundry baskets.

TLIB 2.10.16, 2

They still have me laughing by interrupting me mid-song during the bedtime routine to tell me to fist bump it in the dark. (a Parker moment)

TLIB 2.10.16, 4

And then this one gave me the feels, surprising me by joining Parker and I for bedtime songs and then singing along to HIS song from the wee baby days, A Bushel and a Peck. And actually singing the song with a sweet voice, and not the always goofy four-year-old boy way.

TLIB 2.10.16, 3

See, I think this is the funny thing about parenthood that people forget about once they are out of it. The moments throughout the day can feel so exhausting and you are often wondering how you are going to make it to the next, and then you are caught off guard by a moment that you hope so desperately to never forget.

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