Man to Man

We have had the most romantic Valentine’s Day weekend ever!

Ok, not really. But kind of. Hear me out on this one.

Last week was a circus-ma-gurcus. I felt it, Dan felt it, the kids definitely felt it – and by the time Thursday came we all kind of crashed.

Friday was a blur of grown up bore, and we moved into standard operations on Saturday. Dan was off for a busy day at work, and the kids and I had simple close to home to-do’s. However, the night took an unexpected turn of a very different kind.

It was guy night for Dan and Wrigley, a new tradition where Wrigley gets to stay up a little later than normal to relax with Dan. Wrigley invited me to the party and as I came downstairs to settle in with them, I looked at Wrigley to ask him a question and the next thing I know he was in a ‘everybody out/dry heaving’ kind of situation. The poor kid was a mess.

Parker wasn’t far behind Wrigley. So Dan and I were switching off between the kids, bouncing from soothing, to vomit clean up, to back rubbing, to singing Baby Beluga on repeat.

The kids don’t get that sick often, but when they do it leaves Dan and I pretty frazzled. However, last night we just kind of synced up together and moved where and when we needed to. Neither having to say much to the other, just calmly working through the long hours of the night, man to man style with each of the kids.

At one point while trying to soothe Wrigley together, Dan started to tell him a Scooby Doo story, but caught me off guard with frequent Dumb & Dumber quote interjections. It made everything about the night perfect.

And today as we clean up the insane amount of laundry from the night and continue to soothe sick boys, life’s stressors seem to shrink in size. Those stressors are just a reality of life – stuff happens, you deal with it, insert a joke here and there, laugh when you can, and keep moving forward. And we will be doing just that as a team.

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