Can We Just Pause

Parker is just shy of twenty months and I can’t seem to soak up enough of him these days. I love everything about this age and find myself constantly wishing I could freeze the moment – capture the sound of his voice, the look of surprise on his face, his pride when he learns something new.

So in an attempt to hit the pause on all of this, here are some Parker gems:

1. Shouting ‘do it’ when Dan and I are prepping food for him. Like as we are adding ingredients to a smoothie, being met with a supportive ‘do it’ being shouted at us as we add the item to the cup. Very Jersey Shore of him.

2. Any time he sees something impressive and big, or hears an interesting noise, he turns to us with mouth open very wide and says ‘huh’ freezing his face in shock. It is such a dramatic response every time!

3. When he is excited about something he shouts Wrigley’s name at him over and over again until Wrigkey says what. Than Parker calmly responds with a one word answer to whatever it is he is excited about.

4. He loves to jump off things…well people, he likes to climb up on people and jump off them. Jumping off stairs is a close second.

5. Any time is a good time for a fist bump or high five. At any hour of the day or night, giving fist bumps and high fives are a favorite form of interaction.

6. There is no such thing as brushing your teeth too many times if your name is Parker.

7. The dramatic facial expressions. Like when he says no to me, he has such an intense look of disgust on his face. It is amazing!

8. No matter what Dan or Wrigley are doing, even if it doesn’t make sense to him, Parker is always working to imitate their every word and move.

9. He is a roly poly snuggler. One second he is driving cars while lying on his stomach and the next he is rolling right up along side of you to cuddle next to you while playing.

10. And probably best of all, Parker’s enthusiasm for life and his laughter are so infectious! A great example – Parker and Dan find it hilarious to say the word poop to each other over and over again. The sound of his uncontrollable laughter gets me every darn time. 

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