Is this Normal Nesting

I. cannot. stop. cleaning. Like Monica Gellar on ten cups of coffee. And we aren’t just talking normal cleaning, we are talking the deep down nitty gritty that you put off all year.

And every time a project is completed and another area of my house is left perfectly clean and organized, I find myself saying – damn it feels good to be a gansta. Yeah, I know – I judge me too.

This may have all been caused by Parker’s inability to keep much food down. Or perhaps this is a result of the schedule we have had as of late and all the chores that have gone un-tackled. But I am calling nesting on this one. Hardcore insane nesting – that itch that must be scratched by more organizing, more sweeping, dusting, polishing, mopping. Crazy lady.

TLIB, 2:19:16

Dan has been such a trooper! He has been on solo duty with the poor Parker who is in recovery mode, and has mostly kept the kids out of my path so that I could clean with reckless abandon.

Sure it always feels good to dust and clean the floors, but sweeping behind the fridge and stove – AH-MAZING! And combing every cranny and closet for items that can be donated or thrown away – happiness x 7,000!

TLIB 2, 2:19:16

But don’t worry, I am pacing myself for some fun on Sunday as well. I am thinking of finally finishing up a painting project that has been 70% of the way complete for weeks, and rehanging some photos that were long forgotten.

Now I just need to get Dan to sit down to talk about the big projects that need to happen before the baby arrives and to actually schedule the projects. Poor guy married a lady who loves lists and schedules.

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