Recharge in the Sun

When you have one of those weeks where you never quite make it around to getting organized with a to-do list, but you are constantly stuck in the busy, it is amazing what some sunshine and fresh air will bring to your life.

With Dan at work on Saturdays for his longest day of the week, I always try to get the boys and I out of the house – and to find something fun and different to do.

Most Satutdays that stretch of fun happens to include my Dad, the boy’s Baba.

We roll over to his house after breakfast, a ride that is just around the corner from us, and set out on a mini adventure before afternoon naps.

And with today’s upper 50’s forecast we headed to our cute river town, Stillwater. We mostly putzed along the trail as the boys meandered around, but it was just amazing to be out in the sun.

I often forget how brutal northern winters truly are until I get that first bit of actual heat from the sun on my face again.

We were off to our standard lunch date after our walk, and loaded two dozy boys into the van for a quiet ride back home soon after.

Casual chats with my Dad, watching the boys lose themselves in their surroundings, and breathing in fresh warm air has got to be the most rejuvenating combination there is!

We are back to the 30’s with snow tomorrow, but good grief today was everything.

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