Running the Week

As of late, it kind of feels like we are riding in the passenger seat of our schedule, along for the ride – but not really directing much of what we are doing and when. Which just doesn’t work for me. And I don’t think it is working for anyone else either.

But on Saturday when scrolling through Instagram, I saw this brilliant post (below on the left) that got me thinking. Yes, check points for the days – built in ideas of things to do. A brilliant way to not let the day, and eventually the week, completely escape us!


So on Sunday I took a bit of time to outline the week with a few ideas of what to do and when (my stab at the week on the right). Not the most exciting outline, but at least a start! The hope is to make my work time much more focused and productive, and my family time much more focused and productive. Household project time more focused and productive. Etc. 

I have also become incredibly relaxed on my meal and snack planning as of late, which certainly hans’t helped our grocery budget, so I also used some time over the weekend to get that piece back into business.


I use this awesome free print out HERE. And I even printed an extra one yesterday, so I can jot down ideas for next week, throughout this week, so that I don’t save all my meal planning for the five minutes before we leave for the grocery store.

Day one has been kind of comical. Literally nothing has gone as I originally envisioned it to go, but this is great practice for when baby number 3 comes along. Adapt, re-plan, and go!

At least we made it to story time at the library. And the garbage made it to the curb BEFORE the truck was already down the block. Unlike the last few weeks where I have literally chased the garbage man down the street….while wearing Dan’s snow boots….towing my very loud garbage bin and waving like a mad woman.

Yes, I am a lists lady. Proud of it too. Now I just need to make my lists work for me.

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