31 Weeks

Brief notes from this stage in the journey.

>> My belly is evolving into the preferred pillow for the boys.

>> I will likely live in a black tank and leggings for the remaining weeks of this pregnancy.

>> The baby’s name will be tornado, reagardless of gender, due to the spiral action that is a nightly routine.

>> If I was strong enough – I would slide a platform, treadmill, a few free weights, and a bench press right next to the bathroom. The struggle is so very very very real now.

>> On a related note, when I am lifting, the baby wedges so far over to the right side of my body it is crazy. It is the lumpiest sight.

>> March mission – order infant inserts for car seat, purchase and set-up crib.

Those are realistic goals, right? I so need to get some baby prep done. It has become the area of heavy procrastination. I think I am more excited to find a mobile than I am to set up a crib. Priorities, right?

I don’t know why I am putting off baby prep with this one so heavily – perhaps that is the way things go when this is your third rodeo. 😉

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