From Youngest to Middle

So the outline of activities for the week was a total W-I-N! It gave us balance to our week, and I often found myself feeling fulfilled when working, when playing with the kids, when getting house chores done, etc. And I didn’t feel guilty when work pulled me away from something longer than expected, or when I opted for a workout over family time. Yay for less mom guilt!

It was great to feel like there was a bit of a plan, and we just simply plugged in the pieces as the day unfolded.

In particular, I was really able to invest in some quality time with this little guy.

We had our dates while Wrigley was at preschool, took extra time to snuggle while we sang before bed, and snuggled up with Wrigley in the mornings to read books before the day got rolling.

While Parker may be my loose cannon, he is such a kind sweetheart, who really understands when, where and how to help others. I do honestly think that his transition from baby of the family to middle child will be no challenge at all.

Both Wrigley and Parker inherited Dan’s ‘go with the flow’ personality, and while that trait has taken different shapes within each of the boys – with Parker it allows him to adapt with ease. He responds to our attachment parenting methods, but he is also fine to break off and do his own thing. He loves playing and reading with others, but is equally content playing and looking at books alone.

He communicates pretty clearly when there is something that he needs, but otherwise figures things out. And I think when the baby comes he will just kind of figure things out – and get right in on all the baby action when he wants to, or break away and do his own thing when he isn’t into it.

I am excited to see Parker as an older brother, but am also equally content loving up on him as my baby for the next few weeks!

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