A Glimpse Ahead

While it was a busy day, we had such a fun Sunday!

TLIB, 3.7.16, 1

There was church swagger, followed by a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s, which also happened to include snacks, running around outside, and a break for a cartoon.

TLIB, 3.7.16, 6

We had plans to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa later that afternoon for an early dinner, so Wrigley optedΒ to hang with them instead of returning home with me. It made for a quiet afternoon while Parker napped and Dan and I tackled house chores.

Before long we were back on the road and off to a Brazilian meat house for dinner. Always a delicious feast, but we were all eager to get on to the day’s main attraction.

So after a chaotic dinner with our squirrelly boys and a quick run into Whole Foods, we were off to the hospital to meet the newest member of our family – my older brother’s baby Charlee.

TLIB, 3.7.16, 5

Parker checked out his new cousin right away, but quickly moved on to hospital room mischief.

TLIB, 3.7.16, 4

But this one, holy buckets, Wrigley was absolutely smitten!

He couldn’t get his hands on Charlee quick enough, and once he did – he was not very willing to share her with others. And you could tell he just wanted to love all up on her, but was practicing restraint from touching her face and kissing her too often.

The sweetest was this bouncing thing he kept doing with her – I think it was his attempt at soothing her, but was a little on the aggressive side.

Dan and I were chatting on the car ride home about our pleasant surprise with the boys’ reactions. And while the idea of having three littles ones that belong to us is kind of terrifying, we are also really excited to see our boys enter this next chapter in life.

Later last night whileΒ we were getting the boys ready for bed, Wrigley started to cry and when I asked him what was wrong, he said that he was upset that the baby wasn’t out of my belly yet. And he asked, “when will my baby be here”.

His excitement is awfully infectious!




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