Back from the Dead

Well hello there.

Man, I had one of those weeks where I felt all high and mighty because I thought my body was working really hard to fight a bug. And then it didn’t. And then I died. And sadly took Parker down with me.

But I think blue skies are officially ahead!

I had one of those incessant coughs that just wouldn’t quit starting LAST SATURDAY, and not the one that just passed, the one before that. And sure I felt tired, and did my best to rest, and felt so confident that my body was fighting it. But by Thursday I seriously tanked out.

Parker went down with me, so me feeling better was kind of on hold due to the sleepless nights.

I think we both had/have some freak sinus infection situation. And I am finally feeling better today, but my poor P-money is still fighting the good fight.

Last week involved a lot of reading, disconnecting from the interwebs, and a great Wrigley/Mom date before I committed myself to as much day sleeping as humanely possible.

And there was also some exciting life events that required a bit of celebrating.

TLIB, 3:14:16 2

Buttttt…..donuts unfortunately don’t heal sinus infections, so needless to say it is back to wiser food choices to regain some health and strength this week.

So cheers to a new week where countless dirty tissues and mugs of Throat Coat tea, are replaced by laughing loud boys, time playing outside, and a return to the weight room for this mama!

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Blogger at Those Golden Days. Caffeinated, camera happy mama bear ☕️. Wanna be athlete. Healthy foodie, with a side of 🍩 for good measure.

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