Take Your Mom for Pancakes Day

There haven’t been many events at Wrigley’s preschool I have been able to attend this year. It just gets a little hard with the wee beast doing his own thing, while trying to also be with Wrigley and join in on the classroom activities.

But when there is talk of sap collecting, maple syrup making, and PANCAKES – you can bet that this mom will be coordinating a babysitter so that I can be in attendance!!

And from the moment the babysitter was lined up, I had been eagerly awaiting the day. Yes, I knew the pancakes would be epic as always, but more importantly I couldn’t wait to soak up time alone with Wrigley.

It was such a fun morning too! And you could tell Wrigley was super excited to have me with him. He wanted to snuggle with me while we were sitting outside with the group, he wanted to hold my hand along our hike to collect the sap, and he wanted to have me right by his side for every activity. It was perfection!

After our visit to the sugar shack for the maple syrup making (yes, this is my son’s preschool where they have a shack for making maple syrup on campus), we headed inside for various craft activities. But Dude-W wanted nothing to do with crafts, per the usual. He was focused on the Legos.

Every parent and kid made it through the ‘make your own pancake’ line, and Wrigley could have cared less. But as the delicious smell of pancakes overtook my priorities, I literally had to beg him to take a break from the Legos to partake in the action before they cleaned everything up. And confession, I may have questioned our relation to each other in that moment.

But moms can be pretty convincing, and pancakes were thankfully made!

So together we whipped up our pancakes, and Wrigley then cooked them on a griddle with the assistance of his preschool teacher.

And after learning about how much sap is required to make maple syrup and how cumbersome the process can be, Wrigley then poured about half a cup of the homemade goodness over his pancake. His little cake was literally swimming.

But luckily we were the last ones through the line. And more importantly, no one but me saw Wrigley empty the syrup bottle onto his plate.


Oy to the vey. I think he broke away from the Legos for the syrup and not for the pancake. 😉

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