All Up to Me

I am starting to think that my golden rule is – you can’t direct the day or the night, but you can always direct your attitude.

It seems like throughout the various stages of my life, this is the rule that keeps me moving forward. That makes me pick up my chin, brush my teeth, throw on a little under-eye concealer and mascara, and tackle the day.

From the times in my life where I missed home and felt lonely, to the times where I wondered what in the heck I was doing with my career, to those long nights where I never thought I would sleep again – after a few hours….or days of feeling sorry for myself, I leave the useless pity party and remember – I CONTROL MY ATTITUDE!

The last eight nights have been rough. Parker’s poor body is really struggling to kick this bug and the nights are misery for him…..and me.

I feel frustrated in those wee hours getting up and out of bed every thirty minutes. And I wake up feeling frustrated.

But this morning, as I lay in bed waiting to hear the boys begin to stir, I thought about how useless it is to feel frustrated – to let that frustration shape my attitude and behavior for the day. How unfair that is not only myself, but to everyone else around me.

So I made the choice, I was going to go into the boy’s room when they woke up, and sing the good morning song to them, and ooze positivity (even while Parker cried for 10 minutes from his caked up gunk and sore throat), and that I was going to practice patience and remember that these boys are still babies and I could find a way to enjoy all that the day had to offer.

And I did just that, and it worked. The boys played nicely together, we all did what we needed to do to get the day rolling, and we went about our morning with very few hiccups. And I really do think it was because of a simple decision that was made before my feet even hit the floor.

Which brings me to my golden rule runner up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.54.30 PM.png

And it so perfectly ties into my master golden rule!

I saw this picture a few months back on Instagram and it struck a cord with me. Like, really struck a cord with me. And made me feel brave to make changes – to truly seek and create happiness in all that I do. Because again, not everything will make me happy, but I can create a happy attitude around all that I do. And a positive attitude seems to spread like wildfire. I swear, that kind of shift in thinking attracts good things, exciting changes, etc.

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