Phoning It In

On Friday I waved my white flag. I gave up trying to “not be sick”, and grabbed my box of tissues, tea and humidifier to seriously fight this two-week bug once and for all.

By Saturday morning things were somehow looking worse when Dan left for work – so when the boys woke up, I declared that it would be the laziest day EVER.

I pretty much phoned it in on the whole parenting job.

Which meant a lot of this for everyone.

TLIB, 3:21:16, 1.jpg

And when the lying around doing nothing led to trouble, there was the construction of one massive fort.

TLIB, 3:21:16, 2.jpg

Complete with a tunnel for a front door, garage door, and roof-top patio.

I was pretty proud of myself for this one, as the boys played independently in this for much of the day, while I was on the couch reading.

Just don’t look closely at my poor choice for a roof anchor. And if you do – do your best not to judge, this is why I was reading right next to them the whole time. 😉

Meals were kept simple, and a late lunch was morphed into a picnic that was enjoyed on our “rooftop patio”. But somehow the carrot sticks from our picnic turned into swords, and our picnic turned a little violent.


When my amazing husband walked in the door from work, from what is always his craziest day of the week, he so effortlessly began burning off the boy’s energy, while also making dinner.

And then he somehow went and made himself even more amazing by grabbing me some coconut milk ice cream and sending me away to rest in bed while watching Parenthood.

Lying down and giving up on doing everything, to just do nothing, was the exact thing I needed! And luckily I woke up on Sunday feeling much better, and can already feel that I am well on my way to a full recovery today.

Poo poo to the sick season – may you keep your distance until next winter!

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