It All Began So Innocently

On Sunday my Dad took the boys shopping to load up on clothes for spring and summer. He also offered to get some new threads for our May baby. So I looked. In every store. For a gender neutral outfit or two. And guess what? Nada!

I get it, my standards are kind of high for newborn outfits. Two kids later and I know that zippy pajamas are the only way to go for those first few weeks, unless the babes are in a onesie and swaddle. So especially for transportation home from the hospital – a zippy pajama was an absolute must!

By the fourth store I said screw it. There would be no gender neutral outfit purchased.

No, no – I needed one actual outfit for a girl and one for a boy. And I decided that if the baby is a boy – no worries! I will simply hand the outfit to the nurse to give to someone on the hospital floor who just had a baby girl. Problem solved!

But what is kind of funny about this all, the boys were really tired by this point, so I didn’t get to actually shop for the individual outfits – I just needed to pick two so we could wrap it up for the day.

So I grabbed two outfits that were fine, they would get the job done. And be so cute and adorable on our new bundle of joy.

But oh my goodness. Purchasing that floral outfit has totally pushed me into crazy mode. I WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING FLORAL! Like, can’t stop thinking about swaddles with rose buds on them. I am not even a girly person, or someone who has ever bought floral anything, but suddenly it is all I want. Flowers on flowers on flowers, with the occasional appearance of sweet little birds. I have gone to the dark side….well, I guess pink side, but you know what I mean.

Perhaps it is just my excitement for the arrival of spring?! But really, I see things like this and I just want to go on a spending spree for headbands, dresses, receiving blankets, baby carriers, polkadot moccasin booties, a diaper bag – girly girly girly goods all around!

Regardless of gender, this baby is such a huge blessing into our lives and we can’t wait to meet him or her. I just find it so funny that such a simple thing can spark such a craze.

And despite my crazy flower lady daydreams, I have actually started buying the necessary baby items we do need, and have written out to-do plans for the next six weeks, so the ball is a-rolling! 

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2 thoughts on “It All Began So Innocently

  1. Haha so cute! We didn’t know the sex of our baby so everything ended up with yellow ducks or green frogs. The gender neutral stuff skews boy for sure. But I didn’t care…the surprise of not knowing til he/she was born was incredible. So worth the wait πŸ™‚ excited for you!!


    1. How cool!! Yeah, it dawned on my after our twenty-week ultrasound that this is truly the only REAL surprise that I have allowed to play through. I am terrible at ruining surprises, so it is cool to know that something so special will be part of a such a special day. πŸ™‚


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