Making Time

When Wrigley was a newborn and we read The Happiest Baby on the Block, I remember how silly I felt that the tips in that book weren’t obvious solutions to our new baby troubles.

And here I am at another stage of parenthood, wondering why another simple lesson on how-to make your babes happy wasn’t more obvious long ago.

Dan and I have always tried our best to be thoughtful and purposeful about how we spend our time with the boys. We make it a high priority to get on their level as often as possible, to pull them into our laps and to read countless books, to play action figures and build legos, and to get them involved with household projects as we are working on them.

However, we tend to divide and conquer. One of us will get work or chores done, while the other focuses on time with the boys. We seldom all play together, which we never thought much about – as long as the boys were given focused, dedicated attention, they were getting what they needed, right?!

Kind of.

On Monday we took Wrigley and Parker to the playground after the gym. We all ran around together, we all played together, and there were no distractions interfering with our play – we just enjoyed the time together.

On Tuesday we did the same thing, and Wrigley caught me off guard when he said, “this is my favorite”. And when I asked him what he was referring to and he explained that he loved all of us being together, it dawned on me that outside of meals, we really don’t spend time doing the same thing together.

So we planned for an activity together again on Wednesday and then Thursday.

And we are talking thirty, forty minutes of all-together play, and yet a chunk of time that is so significant to them. And to us too!

TLIB, 3:26:16, 5

Again – such a, ‘um, right – why didn’t we realize this sooner?!’

I am hoping we can get into a groove where making time to be together is just part of the daily routine, no different than baths, books, etc.

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One thought on “Making Time

  1. This is so wonderful! It’s so true! We do the “divide and conquer” thing too and even though I feel like I’m putting my time in, it’s like the kids know it’s not 100%. A little goes such a long way and they don’t ask for much. Thanks for the reminder to get more family time in too!


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