Creating Traditions – Easter

Growing up, Easter wasn’t very big in my household. We didn’t have any traditions around the holiday, and honestly, I have no memories from the day.

And Dan isn’t very sentimental about this holiday, and doesn’t have many memories beyond baskets from his Easter celebrations as a kid either.

So we are kind of at a blank-slate point in life when it comes to Easter.

In 2012, Wrigley’s first Easter, things were kept pretty simple.

TLIB, 2012 Easter.JPG

We got him a few things for his basket, went to breakfast with my Dad, and pretty much had a standard day.

TLIB, 2013 Easter.jpg

In 2013, much of the same. A basket with some odds and ends, and a dinner at my mom’s.

TLIB, 2013 Easter 2.jpg

Except that year, chocolate was introduced as part of the Easter experience!

Easter, 2014 1.jpg

And in 2014, I am pretty sure we didn’t even put a basket out, but did attend an Easter egg hunt and lunch at my brother’s place.

See. Shame, shame on the parent game.

TLIB, 2015 Easter 1.jpg

Last year, in 2015, we kind of started to own the whole Easter tradition thing. We put out baskets, hosted a nice dinner at our house, actually began to talk about the whole meaning and purpose of Easter…..

TLIB, 2015 Easter 2.jpg

But as we headed out of 2015 and into 2016, taking the time to find a church that we personally connected with and could build into our lives was a big priority, and something that naturally impacted the way we celebrate holidays.

Luckily we found such a church, a community, and a system of values and beliefs that makes religious education a natural part of parenting for us.

So this Easter things were different. There is now more context to the celebration, and I am hoping more of a base for us to build off of for many years to come.

Today, the kids first woke up to eggs hidden throughout the house – some real eggs that we dyed and others were plastic eggs filled with raisins. And of course there were baskets.

Followed by lego building (my latest hobby discovery!) and Easter basket treat nibbling.

TLIB, 3:27:16 1.jpg

Now, one of my visions for a new tradition this Easter was to make bunny pancakes. But…..I am just not the creative type. And my Easter bunny looked more like an Easter cat.

TLIB, 3:27:16, 2.jpg

I am just not sure what happened here….

Needless to say, I will be utilizing Pinterest next year. πŸ˜‰

And after breakfast we were off to church.

The afternoon was pretty quiet. Parker napped, I watched Parenthood, Dan and Wrigley played with legos, and eventually we pulled ourselves together for dinner prep before my parents cameΒ over.

Definitely a simple day, but with new traditions sprinkled throughout. And hopefully we are planting the holiday memories for the peanuts, Easter cats and all.

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