35 Weeks

This is my state of the pregnancy address – 35 weeks.

Last week, after one very slow lift where there was really no rallying – just moving, it occurred to me that I only have ten more of these left. Yes, a finish line, one I could see as clear as day.

If I simply hit two full-body lifts a week, that would be ten lifts between now and the end. Ten more pregnant lifts I would complete, and then I would never need to lift pregnant again. I am not sure why this brought me so much motivation, but a clear goal and vision did the trick to rebuild my focus.

And then I made a paper chain.

TLIB, 3:29:16 2.jpg

And I hung that chain on my blackboard in the kitchen, and I see it all day as I waddle around my house. It is a great reminder to just keep moving, even if it is at my snail’s pace. And to keep making consistent healthy choices to feel my best – every day.

There are so many days where I want to just lie down on the ground, to do nothing, and to sleep for weeks. Or to reach for that comfort food that I think will bring me a little hit of energy, but I know better.

Every day is about making choices to follow through on that knowledge. Will this choice make me feel good? Or will this choice make me feel even better?

TLIB, 3:29:16 1.jpg

In other fun facts about life 35 weeks pregnant….

I CANNOT stop sniffing my children. There is something about the smell of both boys that is crazily intoxicating to me right now. And when they walk in the room and I catch a whiff of them, I just squeeze them into me and breathe in all that amazing ‘these are my babies’ smells.

I am kind of over food. Isn’t that so weird for the third trimester?! Food just doesn’t interest me. I feel hungry and will eat something, but there is nothing particularly satisfying about the act of eating.

I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but I am fairly certain I know what the gender of the baby is. I just have this hunch, and I have had it all along, but haven’t wanted to admit it. But really, I feel like I really know this baby and can see it in my arms as clear as day.

Dan and I have plans for two kid-free days between now and the due date, and I don’t think I have ever been more excited for anything in my entire life. It has been a LONNNNNGGGGG time since we spent some unstructured, kid-free time together, and it is going to be amazing! Plus, both dates are day dates – i.e. THE BEST kind of dates there are!!

I have written out my to-do’s and have a list of supplies that we need to purchase. Now I just need to check, check, check them off the lists as we head into April and make final preparations.

Home. stretch. 5 more weeks. 9 more lifts. Totally got this!

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