Spring Changes have Sprung

What an exciting bit of time it has been around these parts!

Last week started calm, but ended with a total bang of all sorts of things happening.

There is a buzz in the air. Things moving. Things changing. And a sense of anticipation for the changes that will continue to come. Spring in all its springy ways for sure.

There was my three-year role with the Paleo Parents that came to a close last week, which is such a big change and will continue to be for some time.

I have worked so closely with them for so long that it will be foreign territory to no longer help them run their site. But both of us were at points of transitions on our side of the tracks, so it it was a mutual need for change – a rare happening when career changes unfold that way. But a much appreciated scenario when they do.

And the silver lining of it all – I will stay on their team as Podcast Producer for both The Paleo View and Strong Woman Radio. And am so grateful that I get to keep up with my work for them in this capacity!

Then there was the training in and official beginning of my NEW ROLE, which I am over the moon about.

Talk about right place, right time – one afternoon I randomly reached out to a company that had caught my interest sometime back and asked about where they share job openings. They quickly responded that they happened to share one that day. And literally. Ba. Da. Boom.

When does that ever happen?!

So I am now the Customer Happiness Manager for Ultimate Bundles Marketing Inc., and will be doing some general virtual assistant work in addition to customer relations. I am so excited about this opportunity and have a lot of good moo-moo-ju-ju about what is to come on this opportunity.

In addition to all the career changes, there has been a flurry of activity in the household. But those are different stories for a different day.

I am just feeling all sorts of mushy gratefulness and excitement, and am really looking forward to all that this spring will hold.

While the changes feel like massive blessings, they also make me sentimental about the little things as they are now. I constantly catch myself watching Dan, Wrigley and Parker and making mental notes of how they look, the things they say, how they say them, their facial expressions….

Wrigley is about to wrap up his first year of preschool and seems to have aged by five years over night. He is all boy now, and his understanding of the world around him has matured so much that it is fascinating to watch.

And Parker, my goodness. I am fairly certain he robbed us blind of his toddler days. He is all little boy, a scene right out of Little Rascals. He is so eager to learn and so eager to show all that he is learning.

And Dan. There are just no words. He continues to outshine his wedding vows and all I envisioned of him as a husband, father and friend. I can’t wait to see him surrounded by his three babies in the weeks to come.


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