The Feast & Do Work Date

These days, I tend to think about life in three chunks.

There are my B.D. days. Which is life before Dan, a whopping nineteen years.

Then there are my B.W. days. The period of time from when Dan and I began dating, and Wrigley was born. (insert sarcastic tone here) Also known as our wild seven years in Iowa and Cali!

And now I am living out my A.B. days. My ‘after the babies were born’ days. The period of time that is in thick of the baby zone; teaching little humans basic skills, not yet in the school routine, and still fantasizing about nights detached from a baby monitor.

Throughout these three chunks of time, one main trait about who I am and my preferences has stayed the same. I am an early to bed, early to rise gal. In fact, that trait was one of the pieces that brought Dan and I together. You can’t ignore fate when that hot guy on your dorm floor also happens to be the only other person awake before 8:00 a.m. – both during the week and on the weekends. 😉

And it is kind of a match made in heaven when you find someone who ALSO  prefers going out for breakfast over dinner, skipping the bars in favor of a morning workout, or heading out for a hike instead of seeing a movie.

So from the B.W. days to our A.B. days, not much has changed about how Dan and I like to spend our time together. And it has kind of worked out nicely that most of our favorite activities easily accommodate the little ones.

But when the opportunity strikes, and we get to enjoy our faves (feasting and working out/doing work) sans kids – JACKPOT!

My parents have been nudging Dan and I to get some dates on the calendar for awhile now, and we finally did this past Sunday! Our mission? To eat a massive and amazingly delicious breakfast, and to crack out some house work together. I know. Super cool people, right?

TLIB, 4:5:16 1.jpg

After we dropped the kids off, we headed to The Buttered Tin in St. Paul, a new favorite of mine.

Our wait time for a table was 45 minutes, so we were gluttonous breakfast eaters as usual, and grabbed some treats and coffee and headed out to the curb.

And yes, that cinnamon roll was as perfect as it looks. The dough to cinnamon to sugar to frosting ratio was some A+ work!

TLIB, 4:5:16 2.jpg

The bump and I didn’t need to look at the menu, so we suited up with our drop cloth and patiently waited for the server, while visions of crab cakes and poached eggs danced in our heads.

We took our sweet time with breakfast, and then hustled to Ace Hardware to stock up on the supplies we would need for the day.

And then we were off. Dan washed every inch of carpet in the entire house, while I dusted, organized and painted.

There is something so enjoyable about working alongside Dan, talking a little bit here and there, but just enjoying each other’s company in silence. The old people status has always been pretty high between us cool cats though.

TLIB, 4:5:16 3.jpg

Late afternoon, we took a break for a quick snack of apple, pastrami and pickles amongst our furniture that was in Tetris mode as the carpets dried.

And then we quickly wrapped up our projects.

TLIB, 4:5:16 4.jpg

I went the ENTIRE day without smearing my pregnant butt or belly up against a painted wall (in both the hallway and closet that I was working on), only to drip paint on my belly as I finished the last bit of trim. So close!

The day was absolutely wonderful. And then my Mom had dinner waiting for us when we arrived to pick up the boys. Seriously. Heart runneth over.

The goal is to get another one of these feast + do work dates in at the end of the month for Dan’s birthday. But making plans around a due date makes me a little nervous. So we might kind of plan for that one at the 11th hour to trick the baby against any ideas of an early arrival.

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