The Time. to. Slow. Down.

At my midwife check-up last Monday, my midwife requested an extra ultrasound to check the baby’s position. She thought the baby may have flipped and wanted to confirm.

I thought it was pointless. I knew where I felt the hiccups and butt, and felt confident that the placement of the kicks and jabs meant the baby was facing head down.

But I was wrong.

And Friday was kind of a frustrating day.

My pregnancies with Wrigley and Parker were so quiet and simple. I labored and delivered with them with ease, and was able to call all the shots. Dan and I both feel so out of our element to have a “fork in the road” with this pregnancy. And to have something that requires us to evaluate options.

But, the good news is, first and foremost, the baby and I are healthy. And second, there is still time to get the baby to flip again through some homework, which I will be sharing about in the upcoming week.

An interesting thing that I learned from all of this though, is that the baby can and will often flip when there is a strain and or tension in the ligaments in the belly and hips. And…I have to admit that I have been doing a lot lately that has left me feeling absolutely wiped and staggering around stiff with tension by the end of the day.

I often like to tell myself that I can just keep pushing, keep moving, keep working through it all. But this is simply not true. There are times to stop and to rest. And that time is especially now.

It is ok to be really really pregnant and to need to slow down and stop pushing. To ask for help, to say no, to lie around, and to turn must-do’s into optional to-do’s.

So the weekend has been all about slowing down, and I mean really slowing down. And just enjoying time with family, especially with the boys. They remind me to be present and to savor, and I am working hard to do just that.

TLIB, 4:10:16 4.jpg

From here on out I will be asking family for help, and not feeling bad about it. I will be letting them especially help me with the boys.

And I am going to shower these boys with my attention and affection, and live life on their level and at their speed.

Hoping for a wonderful week ahead!!

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