The Great Donut Hunt

There are times in life for a salad. There are times in life for beef bourguignon. And then there are times in life for a donut.

And I am not talking about just any donut from your local grocery store or a gas station. Or those frill donuts covered in all sorts of nonsense. No, I am talking about the kind of donuts that a baker carefully developed, tested and shared with the masses.

And I am on a hunt for the perfect one – so that when the ‘it is time for a donut’ moments in life strike, I know right where to go.

To begin our hunt, this week the boys and I turned our attention to a local (new to us) favorite – A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop.

On Thursday morning, I needed to keep Wrigley out of preschool because we had an appointment with a new OB right in the middle of his class time.

In light of the very rainy morning, the traffic we would likely need to navigate, and Wrigley’s day of hooky, it seemed like the perfect excuse to set out on a donut adventure.

TLIB, 4:22:16 1.jpg

Unfortunately, one little person wasn’t as excited about the adventure and was quickly lulled to sleep by the rain.

TLIB, 4:22:16 2.jpg

But luckily he rallied……when his brother yelled at him that it was donut time.

What a way to be woken up.

TLIB, 4:22:16 4.jpg

And with one glance at this spot, I fully understood why locals call this a donut favorite.

It is classic in all the ways a baker’s shop should be. It is unapologetically outdated. And it offers a wide variety of treats to satisfy the sweet tooth preferences of anyone and everyone.

TLIB, 4:22:16 5.jpg

Perhaps best of all, there was character crammed in every corner of that little shop. An album by the band Bread was even on display in the Bread case.

And cake donuts are their thing. That is the only kind they sell, and they come in chocolate or vanilla frosted, plain, powdered, or cinnamon and sugar.

And they were warm. Freshly made warm. Oh, to the my.

TLIB, 4:22:16 6.jpg

Their donuts were legit. The dough was just perfect – not at all heavy or greasy. And I loved how small they were so that you could enjoy it and not feel like you overdid it.

But, I have definitely had better.

If I were a true Minnesotan who lived for the State Fair and mini donuts, this place would easily be dubbed as the best. They brought the mini donut to life in full size form, and perfected the flavor and texture.

However, I need a place that offers raised. And somedays you just really need sprinkles in your life. So the hunt for donut perfection continues.

What a shame. 😉

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