The Birthday Pause

Well hello there from the blogging hiatus!

Boy did life kind of pick up speed in that final stretch of April. One second we were celebrating Dan’s birthday, and the next we were kissing Wrigley and Parker goodbye as we left for the hospital.

While I can’t wait to share all about our weekend and the arrival of our sweet baby boy, I can’t help but take a look back at our final weekend as a family of four.

The second half of April was kind of a blur. Mid-month we found out the baby was breech, and then we were told we needed to schedule a c-section…we left our midwife practice in search of a great doctor who could perform our surgery, found a new hospital, and then spent a lot of time trying to get the baby to flip…until we then truly began preparing for the surgery.

To say that life was a bit bumpy is an understatement. As I am sure you saw from this post, emotions were high. And Dan’s birthday happen to be in the mix of all these happenings.

It was clear that we needed to take a step back from life’s stressors, and to take time to celebrate, eat and be merry. So we did just that in honor of Dan’s birthday!

We took our annual birthday trip to the zoo, which was the first time Parker had been since he was a wee one. And we have not stopped talking about the zoo or the monkeys since.

TLIB, 5:2:16 5

We ate at Cosettas – something Dan and I haven’t done in over seven years! And a lunch outing filled with many firsts for the boys.

Wrigley was in heaven with his pizza, and Parker was like a whole new kid surrounded by pasta and garlic bread. I have never seen this kid so “in his place” before. All that carb magic brought him to his happy place.

TLIB, 5:2:16 6

And of course there was also gelato! You just can’t go to an Italian eatery without enjoying some gelato. Right?!

The weekend was also filled with lots of time playing and snuggling. Reading books in bed, the boys wrestling around the living room floor, and late nights watching Star Wars.

But to cap off the birthday celebration, we went to the only place there is to go when celebrating is in order.

Glam Doll Donuts.

TLIB, 5:2:16 7

It was a rainy Sunday morning. Like the skies were seriously pouring. And nothing could have been more perfect than sitting around a table enjoying warm donuts and coffee.

And not just any donuts. But the best.

TLIB, 5:2:16 9

TLIB, 5:2:16 13

We ended that Sunday night with ribs and cake, and then on Dan’s actual birthday had a quiet dinner at home after an afternoon hospital tour where we delivered Cam.

This birthday was certainly a memorable one. It will forever be the Camden birthday, where it wasn’t actually Cam’s birthday, but that was essentially the theme of all things at the time.

I will have to make 32 pretty darn awesome for that love of mine! He kind of earns double the birthday awesome next year.

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