The Wild Card

It fascinates me to watch my kids as they learn, develop and grow. But I find it even more fascinating to watch their personalities take shape!

All my boys have been mellow babies, and Parker was no exception. He watched Dan and Wrigley with fascination, and was a calm baby – not much ruffled his feathers.

But then one day, kind of literally overnight, Parker exploded into some larger than life toddler.

Have you ever seen one of those massive dogs that have no clue just how big they are? And act like itty bitty pups? That is Parker! He thinks he is being gentle and calm in his actions, but everything is big, explosive, forceful, and just all around crazy.

Dan and I, more often than not, have our faces covered in fits of laughter over this wild one’s antics, and honestly can’t wrap our head around how or when or why Parker became such a little bull.

But it is honestly one of life’s biggest forms of entertainment these days.

A few examples:

– Jumping. Always jumping. As if there are coils on his heels, he loves to jump around. And his latest obsession is taking a cushion off the couch to create a jumping gym of sorts.

– Running back and forth in the living room, ping ponging off of Wrigley and furniture along the way. It doesn’t even phase him when he barrels into the ground head first.

– The way he yells “no singing” and shakes his head every time Dan starts to sing.

– Hugs come in at a run and jump angle, and always feel like some epic reunion kind of hug.

Parker has such a big heart, but we have much to teach him on how to dial in the big movements, especially with Camden around these days. He loves to tickle his baby brother’s feet and grab his head to kiss him, but again – his understanding of gentle is very different from ours.

He is also talking up a storm these days, and amazes us with how articulate he is. Parker is very clear about what we does or does not want, and for a 22 month old does a great job at stringing complete sentences together. But I especially love his dramatically long “ummmm” when answering a question.

Dan laughs about his solo outings with Parker and how chatty he is in the car. Asking about everything. Telling Dan about all the things. Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and Darth Vader’s song. That little mouth just goes and goes.

But perhaps most impressive is his recent perfection of a Chewbacca impression, which is spot on. And he pulls out his Chewie voice at the most perfect times, following in Wrigley’s footsteps of always working for that laugh.

We will likely soon have a house of comedians.

I can’t believe this little man will soon be two, and am excited to see what new developments the months ahead hold!

TLIB, 5:9:16 1

Why throw a water balloon to pop it when you can tease your Mom by standing over her while she is nursing, pretending to bite into it? 

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