Babies in Baskets

No, not brown woven baskets – or any pretty sets. No creatively styled photoshoots. Just a soon-to-be Mom inspired by something she saw on Pinterest years ago, when she was weeks away from delivering her first baby.

And then the tradition of capturing the monthly growth spurts in a laundry basket, on towels, took off.

For both Wrigley and Parker I took their one week pictures, and then continued the laundry basket photoshoots each month until they were one year old. I then displayed these photos at their first birthday parties.

And I seriously love these photos and look back at both Wrigley’s and Parker’s often.

So Camden my dear – welcome to the basket.

It is now an old basket missing a handle. But for sentimental reasons, this old blue basket must remain as our base.

But first, a look at the brothers when they were your age….

Wrigley, 1 week

Wrigley at 1 week old. 

Parker, 1 week

Parker at 1 week old. 

TLIB, 5:12:16 1.jpg

Camden at 1 week old. 


And Camden, I promise to not compare you to your brothers again until your first birthday. Pinkie promise.

You do you son.

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