The Staycation

Yesterday Dan returned to work from his two week stretch off.

It was essentially our staycation, as Dan saved up all his PTO to be home with us, and to put work out of sight and out of mind for that stretch of time after Camden was born.

The man lovingly sat by my side at the hospital for four days and three nights, took care of my every need and made me feel like the most wonderful womanΒ in the world.

Once we were home he cooked, cleaned, entertained the peanuts, and whispered sweet nothings to Camden after Wrigley and Parker were tucked into bed.

It was a wonderful two weeks to say the least.

TLIB, 5:15:16 1

He did his best to make sure I stayed in bed.

But I ended up leaving the bed, only to nap at random on the couch.

TLIB, 5:15:16 3

And my view when I wasn’t dozing was mostly this…

TLIB, 5:15:16 7

There were a few warm days where I was able to move my napping outdoors. And there I was thoroughly entertained by their crazy shenanigans!

There were a few of outings as well.

TLIB, 5:15:16 6

There was a trip to the coop and Target, a few lunch dates, and an attempt for a walk at the lake. But the post-surgery body tires easily, and the soreness that fatigue brings is no joke.

So we opted for time at home mostly, which was perfectly fine for all!

When Wrigley was born, Dan was only able to take one day off from work. And with Parker, he was only able to take three days.

Two whole weeks together as a newly minted family of five felt like a luxury!

The great 2016 staycation was an absolute success and is likely to be repeated again. The homebody life just feels right.

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