The Leader of the Pack

Dan and I are both middle kids, and I have spent much of my life playing the middle kid fiddle. But man, after raising a first born, I totally see how they have the most challenging role of the siblings!

And while our expectations of Wrigley may be high, because you know – that is what happens to those first borns – they have to lead by example; he so delivers on being the little man we have hoped he would be.

This week is Wrigley’s last week of preschool, and I am amazed to see how heΒ has developed in such a short amount of time.

At Wrigley’s fall teacher conference, his teachers told us that he is the oldest kid in the class and they had hoped to see him rise as a leader of the group. To show other kids how to include and involve others, speak up during discussions, and help others without being prompted to do so.

And while I had never paused to think about it much, it dawned on me that Wrigley is quite the leader at home. And he does such an amazing job taking care of his brothers.

On several occasions he has stepped in to defend Parker when other kids pushed him or took away his toys. But he is also protective to make sure Parker feels included when Wrigley is playing with other kids.

However, as serious and Mr. Correct as he may be, he is somehow equal parts ‘bodily functions’ comedian. And once he gets giggling, he can’t be stopped!

We had to help him curb the potty jokes, but I discovered yesterday that perhaps he is just really curious about bodily functions.

Our photographer friend came over for Camden’s newborn photos yesterday, and while Wrigley was providing some life updates, informed our friend that, “Camden’s poop is yellow, but his is black”. Ha!

I am so glad that this little guy has one more year of preschool before he is off to kindergarten! I am savoring my time with him. And am so grateful to have such a great helper by my side, who doesn’t even bat an eye at helping to lead to the pack.

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