Those Newborn Days

I keep wanting to sit down and blog. I feel that surely there must be happenings in life worth noting and capturing. But I can’t seem to recall where the hours and days go.

Photos have become my memory. And literally at the end of every day as I am wondering what we did and how the day went by so quickly, I look back through photos.

So what has been happening in between loads of laundry and attempts to shower?

Bedtime with a newborn.

There use to be a brief hour of time where it was just Dan and I after the boys went to sleep, but now we have a burrito to admire.

And admire we do.

We attempt to read our books, but end up staring at Camden and discussing his levels of cute. Which then brings us to reminiscing about the boys, and laughing over details from the day.

TLIB, 5:29:16, 5

My Lou-Bear spends much of the day waiting for Camden to wake so he can sing to him, read to him, and try to get him to smile.

I have a feeling these two are going to be very close.

And Parks has become my little outdoor sidekick. We put Camden in the baby carrier and scoot out for walks as often as we can.

I think this guy is feeling a little stir crazy from all of our nesting as of late.

Chocolate. Surely that is a topic of discussion for this ’round of happenings’ update.

Last week was Wrigley’s last few days of preschool. Year one is in the books.

We used it as an excuse to bake brownies. Some for us. Some for the teachers.

TLIB, 5:29:16 9

The families were invited for the last hour of class. And Wrigley was given a map of the nature school grounds and given the choice to take us to his favorite location from their treks over the year.

TLIB, 5:29:16 10

They then had a slideshow of images from throughout the year, and a few art projects from the year on display for us to checkout.

So I guess that makes it official. Summer is here!

I am hoping to sit down and do a bit of summer goal planning so that we can at least have a roadmap to help us balance both the newborn nesting and some fun activities to do with the boys. And will be sitting down with these sheets today.

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