The Most Wondeful Day of the Year

When I was working for the Paleo Parents, we had to keep an eye on national food holidays. And I was amazed at the number of ridiculous ‘national such and such food days’ that there are on the calendar. Seriously. All the foods have a day.

But there is one I get. One that is just as important as my birthday and Halloween. National donut day.

I mean, of course the most perfect treat needs a day dedicated to honoring all its awesome perfect tasty goodness.

TLIB, 6:4:16 1

We had discussed going to our favorite spot, but were inspired to use the national holiday as an excuse to try another new to us donut shop. And next up on our list, Bogart’s.

We hit the road at 7:30 a.m. Friday traffic or not, we meant business! And I honestly think that was the earliest I have left the house with all the kids in a really really really long time.

Of course there was already a line out the door, and of course pickings were slim.

TLIB, 6:4:16 2

Bogart’s has a pre-order option on their site, which I highly recommend.

Which all of these smart people figured out….look at all those boxes.

TLIB, 6:4:16 3

Verdict? Bograt’s, you made me a polygamist. You made me see that I could love another donut shop as equally as I love Glam Doll, and I didn’t even come close to experiencing your full potential.

We only got to try a few flavors, but oh my cake perfection! I have never tried cake donuts so perfectly flavored and aceing it in texture. But the chocolate cake and lavender cake were freaking home-runs.The chocolate cake tasted like devils food cake, they were magical.

TLIB, 6:4:16 5

TLIB, 6:4:16 4

And their raised glazed, easily the best I have ever tried. And I don’t even like raised glazed, but these were like light clouds with subtle sweetness. I love a treat that doesn’t just throw a processed sugar bomb at you, but actually offers some flavor.

The Nutella filled, not my cup of tea. Too much going on.

But all else delivered.

And their little shop is adorable. I mean truly tiny, with a gorgeous little patio space.

Be warned breastfeeding mamas, decaf coffee is only brewed there on the weekends. So if you are really looking forward to that very occasional cup of decaf, don’t expect to get one from Bogart’s on a weekday. πŸ˜‰

Only 364 days until we get to celebrate this joyous holiday again!

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