Poolside Plans

We have a pretty amazing situation at our gym.

It is less than a mile away. Has a fairly small client base (i.e. I seldom have to fight for a squat rack). It has all the major Lifetime Fitness amenities. And the pool and patio are perfect – on the smaller side, which makes it feel like a home pool.

Last summer was the first year we made use of the outdoor pool, and now the boys are hooked.

This summer Wrigley is in a life jacket and pretty much is a wild swimming man doing is own thing, playing with other kids.

And then there is Parker who just wants to jump into the pool over and over and over again. Only he doesn’t want to jump to you, he wants to make you guess where he jumping. Is he going left? Is he going right? Always the wild card.

And Camden and I will likely be doing a lot of this – reading, nursing, napping, you know – doing what the cool kids do and all.

Cheers to summer 2016!

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