1.98 Years Old

In exactly one week Parker will turn two.

And when that dawned on me, I literally stopped in my tracks and said, wait – what? I thought he was turning one.

But no, we did that already. With many pictures to prove it.

TLIB, 6:13:16 1

And here we are with my wild baby blue, with curls in his hair and lashes that will take him very far in life, no longer a baby – turning two years old.

The phrase, “the days are long, but the years are short”, couldn’t be more true with this one!

We have plans for a mellow second birthday celebration, which couldn’t be more perfect. The second birthday is the best! It is when the little one is just starting to get the concept of birthdays, but not quite all about the presents – they are just all smiles that eyes are on them for celebrating.

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