Baked with Love

Dan loves homemade baked treats. But unfortunately (or fortunately for his health goals) I am the worst at baking, so seldom breakout the apron.

I tend to reserve baking projects for holidays or special occasions, and with Father’s Day approaching the boys and I decided that now was the time to spoil Dan with some homemade treats.

I still couldn’t bring myself to go the ‘from scratch’ route, so ordered some Simple Mills cookie mixes and called it good!

TLIB, 6:17:16 1

And we didn’t just bake for Dan, we baked for all three of the grandpas as well.

As all of our parents have gotten older they have become IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. And you can only gift so many pictures of the kids.

So in attempt to be more thoughtful with our gift giving, I have decided that filling our loved ones bellies with healthified treats would be the way to go.

Yes, I have officially become that person who gives out grain-free, dairy-free treats, but a chocolate chip cookies is a chocolate chip cookie as long as real chocolate chips are involved, right?!

The boys and I had fun making them, and I hope all the dads enjoy eating them! I know Parker sure enjoyed the batter, so they already have that seal of approval on them. 😉

Oh, and this officially allowed us to cross a second item off our summer to-do’s list. Score since I am so determined to cross everything off that list by Labor Day!

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