The Party Weekend


Life rule – when your birthday falls on a Monday, you get to claim the entire weekend as your birthday weekend. That is just a fact.

And with Parker’s birthday this past Monday, you better believe that we kicked off the celebrations last Friday!

On Friday morning, Dan and I got our butts in gear early – heading into the gym for early workouts, running to Trader Joe’s for our weekly grocery shopping, and tackling a bit of the daily chores all before breakfast.

And once all that was taken care of, we were off the zoo!

It was a short-lived trip though. Wrigley, my northern, winter baby, doesn’t do heat. And Parker kept saying the animals were “too scary”. So we did a quick visit and then headed out to the park grounds for a picnic.

TLIB, 6:21:16 3

The boys seemed to enjoy this way more, and ended up running around playing for awhile after we ate.

That afternoon, Camden and I hid from the heat while the boys went swimming. We were saving our time out and about for Saturday afternoon!

TLIB, 6:21:16 4

My best friend from college was in town for the weekend and she was excited to meet Camden. But this mama was desperate to get out of the house, and to grab a drink!

So we ended up meeting up down at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival in Minneapolis, walked around for a bit, and then stole a spot inside a bar, where there was an unused stage with a few comfy leather chairs.

Camden was a good sport and just relaxed while we had some drinks and got in some much needed catch up.

We didn’t head home until the boys were getting ready for bed, so it was a really nice unexpected break away for the afternoon and early evening.

On Sunday there was church, errands, naps, and finally a big gathering at my Dad’s house for Father’s Day. Where I didn’t even snap one single picture. But it was wonderful, and family gathered from both mine and Dan’s side of the family, which always makes for a big party and a lot of fun!

As is tradition in our house, on Sunday night – the night before Parker’s birthday, Dan and I did a bit of decorating around the house.

TLIB, 6:21:16 5

And Parker’s reaction on Monday morning was perfect! He didn’t quite get that it was his birthday until later in the day, but loved all the attention.

After we got around and had some breakfast, my mother-in-law and I took the boys down to Minneapolis.

TLIB, 6:21:16 8

Obviously the birthday boy needed a donut, but more importantly we needed donuts to assemble his birthday cake. So a stop to Bogart’s was in order.

This picture of Wrigley cracks me up! I always get the sense that Wrigley is a 75 year old trapped in a 4 year old’s body, and this picture so perfectly captures his wise old man persona coming through.

After donuts we went to the kid’s favorite playground, grabbed a bite to eat for lunch nearby, and then stopped by the coop for a few last minute things for the birthday dinner.

TLIB, 6:21:16 9

And it wasn’t long until all the grandparents arrived, for what has become our grandparent dinner tradition for the second birthday!

With both boys we did big birthday gatherings for their first birthday, but for the second birthday we did more quiet dinners with just the grandparents. It is rare we get to bring them all together and feed them, so this second birthday dinner tradition with just them is a nice little chance for us to say thank you for all they do.

TLIB, 6:21:16 TBD

There were lots of gifts to be opened, but Parker wasn’t feeling the entire unwrapping thing.

Where as poor Wrigley, literally had to be reminded every three seconds to keep his mits off the presents. That little man was chomping at the bits to unwrap them all!

TLIB, 6:21:16 10

After one very tasty dinner, we were on to the main attraction – the donut cake!

Parker doesn’t like cake, and doesn’t care too much for cupcakes, but he loves donuts. So I assembled a mini mountain of donuts and threw a candle on top. It was perfect!

Everyone loved what turned into a donut sampling, and Dan and I agree that a new birthday tradition has been born. Hello donut cakes for all the days!

It was kind of the perfect weekend with all the happenings, but we are definitely enjoying the much needed quiet and relaxation as the week is rolling.

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