Life These Days

…is people stopping me to share a hello every time I am out with the three boys alone.

And they say,

“Two boys, and is that a girl in your baby carrier?”

“Wow, three young kids, keep up the great work mom.”

“Oh boy, you are outnumbered, go super mom.”

…is four trips to the gym a week. No exceptions. No guilt. 

Two solid lifts and two days of treadmill interval work.

How can I raise strong men if I don’t lead by example? 😉

TLIB, 6:25:16 1

…is listening to Camden find his voice amongst this loud family. 

He has been fairly quiet, until week 9 hit, and now he has plenty to say. All sort of ooh’s to be shared.

TLIB, 6:25:16 2

…is pretending I got this thing together.

Because eventually I will. Right?

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