Babies in Baskets, From 1 to 2

Oh the Cam Bam.

I thought he was cute and just a little squishy ball of love when he was born. But somehow the loveliness and squishiness is just growing by the day!

TLIB, 6:30:17, 1

Cam is like this little pillar of calm and happiness. But a sweaty pillar. I have never met a sweaty baby until Camden, but this guys runs like a little furnace.

He gets really worked up if he isn’t nursed the second he fuses to be nursed, or when he is in his carseat, but that is the extent of it. He is mostly all chill and smiles, and now the occasional baby chatter.

TLIB, 6:30:17, 2

And the smirks and smiles. Good heavens. I can’t help but laugh every time I see them.

I forgot how your baby’s smile can make you feel like you are the greatest thing in the universe.

Here was Cam at 1 week. Such a peanut, my smallest baby, that is quickly turning out to be my biggest baby as he ages. Must be something special in the milk with this one. 😉

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