Wild Week

Oh man. I feel like we just survived some crazy happenings. When in reality it was just an insanely busy week of work for me, which apparently impacts everyone else in the house.

I had bundle sale closeout this week, and even brought in my first babysitter on Monday to help with the kids.

TLIB, 7:3:16 1

It was amazing! And something I really need to be doing every time I am in a sales week.

Slowly but surely, I am learning what I need to do to stay sane in the working from home world with three kids.

TLIB, 7:3:16 4

This guy had a pretty rough week. Lots of tantrums and tears.

I want to blame molars for the 7,000 time, but can a kid really be in teething agony for this long?!

And this dude had eye surgery this week, which we had successfully put off for oh….only 4 1/2 years.

Wrigley was born with both tear ducts closed. One eventually opened up after he turned one. We held out hope that the other one would eventually do the same, but no dice.

During surgery, they actually discovered that Wrigley is missing both of his lower tear ducts. So strange, but luckily totally harmless.

High stress at work and worry over Wrigley’s surgery didn’t have a lasting effect, because my best hombre, my baby brother was in town this week.

Just having him around and seeing him with the boys was like one big dose of zen. Love this guy, even if he left me for New York!

With Eli’s visit there were lots of family hangs, and by the end of the week the kids were pretty much crashing for naps anywhere and everywhere.

Oh, and this week I discovered that I no longer smile for pictures.

I just make this stunned face of oh my gosh….where are the boys? Is everyone doing ok? Does anyone need to go to the bathroom? Does anyone need food or water?

Ha! I am in a constant state of ‘oh my gosh – is this real life?!’.

Life is just all sorts of crazy right now and I love it. Even if I fall face first into bed every night at 8:10 on the dot.


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