Let the Good Times Roll

One night this week Wrigley was complaining that one of his legs hurt, and he began standing on one leg. Dan asked if he was turning into a flamingo. And I couldn’t help myself but join in on the teasing, asking if he has flamingoitis.

Wrigley informed us both that we were being disrespectful.

And then it occurred to me. Welcome to the rest of your life kid. Your Dad and I have a dumb sense of humor and think we are the two funniest people on this planet.

TLIB, 7:10:16 4

And we are always trying to get a laugh.

In other news from the week.

TLIB, 7:10:16 1

Life has been quiet, but busy, per the norm.

Work. Gym. Play. Eat. Sleep.

The real exciting stuff.

It will be nice once Cam can go into the child center at our gym so our week isn’t monopolized by split shifting gym time.

TLIB, 7:10:16 2

We have tried to spend ample amounts of time outdoors. But someone who shall remain nameless (who may or may not be the youngest member of the family), appears to be allergic to the heat, turning into a sweat beast with a heat rash within minutes of being outdoors.

TLIB, 7:10:16 3

I see pictures like this and just laugh and think – let the good times roll. 

Goofy four year old, extreme highs and lows two year old, and a newborn that would just like a fresh swaddle, a warm boob and for everyone to just keep the noise down for once. 

Oh I love these days for all their chaos, tears and laughter. I hope I never forget them. 

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