To Marketfest We Go


I was born in Virginia, moved to Las Vegas when I was six, and moved to Minnesota when I was fifteen. But Minnesota has always been home. Even when I was living in Iowa during college, and in California as a newlywed.

My little burb pocket in the North-Star State provided that small-town feeling that I had never experienced until we moved to Minnesota. And is something I have enjoyed sharing with my family since we moved back.

In the summers, there is the local Markestfest gathering in our downtown area every Thursday night. It was a great festival to attend as a teenager, and is even greater to attend as a parent who is looking to show their kids that hometown festival feeling.

There are two stages with live bands, inflatables for the kids to bounce on, a rock climbing wall, a few games, but true to Minnesotan ways, people typically come for the food.

No, it is not anything special. But Minnesotans have a love-affair with fair food. I am pretty sure most Minnesotans survive the harsh winters dreaming of hot summer days at local festivals and the Minnesota state fair, surrounded by greasy grub.

This was Dan’s first Marketfest experience as well, and even though he is not from Minnesota, he showed off his Minnesotan style by going crazy over the food. There was a burger, tacos, gyro, pizza, mini cookies… You wouldn’t believe he works in the health and fitness field after seeing him with all that food!

TLIB, 7:16:16 1

Wrigley was eager to bounce around in the inflatables, and even braved the jumbo slide.

TLIB, 7:16:16 2

But Parker was unimpressed, and just wanted to join Dan on his eating adventure.

And eat they did.

I had no clue what I wanted for dinner, so ended up nibbling a bite or two from everyone else’s food. šŸ˜‰

Wrigley saw a kid walking around with a balloon animal, something he hasn’t seen before, and said that he absolutely had to find the guy who made that, so that he could get a red parrot.

So specific.

Baba waited in line with him for a long time so he could get that parrot. But it was totally worth it to capture that moment of Wrigley meeting a clown for the first time. That facial expression is priceless!

After all the sugar the boys ate, there was only one thing left to do. Run around and play games. And then run some more. 

It drizzled off and on throughout the night and was on the cooler side, but the outing was perfect. A great night filled with many memories! 

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