Presence Practice

When you are constantly pulled in 7,000 different directions, it feels impossible to stay present. To appreciate what is happening before your very eyes. How the sun feels on your face. To take note of what your children say to each other as they play.

I am especially awful at being in the present. My mind is always ticking through a to-do list, and mapping out my next move. I would say it is my biggest shortcoming.

But today, as I am feeling particularly weighted by stress, I am reminding myself that little of what I stress about matters. I mean really truly maters.

Camden is twelve weeks old today. This weekend we have family coming in to celebrate his baptism. And I am challenging myself to disconnect, slow down, and appreciate all the moments.

To leave the non-time-sensitive items for next week, and to just be here now.

To nurse Camden and hold his little hand.

To enjoy a beer with my brother-in-law.

And to hug my husband and tell him how much I love him.

To simply be here and now.

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