A Big Baptism Weekend

Most days I feel like I am kind of failing as a parent.

But then I look at all the love the boys are surrounded by, and IΒ realize that I am actually doing this whole parenting thing right.

Between both my family and Dan’s, the boys are surrounded by a large, amazing support system. From their grandparents, to their aunts and uncles, to their young cousins, and even their aunts and uncles and cousins from the extended family. These boys are truly loved.

It fills my heart to see the kind of happiness our big family brings to their lives. And I relish every opportunity that we have to bring all the family together for celebrations!

This past weekend Dan’s side of the family came into town for a visitΒ to celebrate Camden’s baptism.

TLIB, 6:27:16 1

First Uncle Tom arrived from the west coast and met his youngest nephew for the first time.

He was the first person to watch Camden besides Dan and I, and I think they hit it off quite nicely. πŸ˜‰

TLIB, 6:27:16 8

But the boys weren’t too eager to share their Uncle Tom. Wrestling was priority.

We attempted to hit the town, enjoy a dinner out or two. But this is what meals out look like these days….

Nothing but shenanigans.

So we stuck to activities closer to home.

TLIB, 6:27:16 9

Like all the legos.

TLIB, 6:27:16 10

And Settlers of Catan.

But then it was on to the big show.

This was our first baptism in the Lutheran faith, and we all officially joined the churchΒ with Camden.

It was a personalized experience (minus the typo of the baby’s name on the projector, ha!), quick, casual, and a bit stressful hoping the boys would mind their manners up at the alter.

And they did. With the exception of a little nose picking action by Parker. But you know, when you have something in there, sometimes you just have to get it out.

TLIB, 6:27:16 14

After the baptism we hosted everyone for brunch at our house, and it was perfect!

I forgot how much Dan and I love to tag team playing hostess with the mostest.

Everyone had a good time, even if the man of the hour (Sir Camden) slept through the entire thing!

But the weekend was quickly brought to a close as everyone headed back to their neck of the woods on Monday.

And it only took a few hours before the house felt too quiet without all that fun around!

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