Well That Got Real

Some weeks (ok, most – most weeks) I feel like I am on some crazy roller coaster and find myself spit off the ride, into Saturday.

Like what happened this week? Um. All the highs, dips and twists!

There was a five hour power outage during my meetings day for work.

There was a barf bowl parked next to Wrigley for much of the week.

There were the opening days of a bundle sale for work.

There was a toddler who so strongly believes he is nocturnal, that I am so close to actually believing him.

Oh, but there was also Camden’s first trip to the child center at the gym. And a partial lift date with Dan, before Wrigley got sick and we needed to pack up early.

And there was a visit from our best friends, who are back from the west coast for a quick visit. And our kids got to play with their kids, and it was amazing to see! Oh and the laughter between their daughter and Parker, my heart exploded.

TLIB, 8:7:16 1

And there was a sweet husband who told me I was doing a great job at this mom thing while I scrubbed vomit out of the carpet for the third time that day.

And there was Parker who said some of the funniest things this week, and reminded me of how equally crazy and hilarious toddlers can be. Like when he placed his hand on his hip and instructed me to stay home because him and Dad were leaving. Or when I asked if he loved me and he just stared at me with an emotionless facial expression.

TLIB, 8:7:16 2

And there was Wrigley who snuggled in close to me and let me love on him while he was sick.

TLIB, 8:7:16 3

I have no doubt that the week ahead will do much of the same thing.

So let’s slam those smoothies, put on the baby in the carrier, dance around the house a bit, and get ready to hop on that roller coaster again, bright and early tomorrow morning!

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